Suffolk Carers Matter is more than just the people who are directly part of the organisation. It is every unpaid carer in the county, every loved one that relies on them for care and support, every organisation and group that helps to make the lives of carers and families easier. It is the professionals who work to make the lives of carers better. It is every person in the community who wants to help, however they can, to contribute to a better life for carers doing an amazing role.

We want to make the lives of every unpaid carer in Suffolk the best it can possibly be. To support them and their mental and emotional health, to make sure they are getting the best possible support and advice and to help ensure their experience as a carer is as positive as can be.

Our support includes our Enquiries Line (01284 333035), which offers tailored information, advice and guidance, emotional support, signposting and can do onward referrals on your behalf. 

Enquiries Line:

Monday-Friday 9am-2pm

If your caring needs require this, our team may also refer you to our free counselling service. This provides you with an opportunity to speak to a counsellor to work through your emotions, develop coping strategies and process changes in your life.

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