By Simon Brown

13th May 2020

Categorised in Mental & Emotional Health

Many of us love our furry friends! Having pets can be a wonderful experience for many, but did you know that your cat or dog can actually help your emotional health? Interestingly enough your pet is able to help you in more ways than one, including helping you to build healthy habits and feel more relaxed! Keep reading to find out some of the many ways that your pets can help you feel happier and healthier!

Pets help us build healthy habits

Having a pet can even help you to build healthy exercise habits that will help you start to look and feel better! When you own a dog, for example, frequent walks and play sessions are necessary. Whether it’s going for a walk to the park, playing fetch in the field, or going for a swim in a nearby stream, your dog is sure to appreciate the time you spend being active together! Over time, your routine may change to include a walk each day which eventually becomes a healthy habit that you can proudly have.

Pets make us feel needed

If you find that you are socially isolated and lonely, you may feel as though you are unneeded or unwanted by others. Having a pet, however, can change these feelings altogether! If you have a cat or dog, this animal relies on you for everything. You are their provider of food, clean water, shelter, and love! They need you when they need a warm cuddle or when loud noises outside scare them. Pets even need us to just play with them and keep them company at times.

Pets support social connection

Having pets can even support our social connections with others. If you have a dog, for example, you may make friendships with people in your local area who also regularly walk their dogs. When you spend time in the dog park watching your pup run around and play, you may find that you can easily strike up a conversation with other dog owners to simply talk about your beloved pets! At the same time, if you have a cat you may find that you can easily talk about him or her with other fellow cat lovers! Having these connections over pets with others can even eventually sprout into real bonds and lasting friendships.

Pets can make us feel relaxed

We all have moments where we feel like we just want to sit back and relax. For some of us, this can be difficult at times. Having a pet there to help relax you can make a huge difference! Being able to take a nap next to your dog or read a book with your cat on your lap can bring a certain sense of relaxation that will help you feel even more rejuvenated afterwards. Even simply stroking a dog or cat’s fur can be soothing to some people. The soothing sound of your cat’s purr can also help you feel more relaxed!


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